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Indian parents and Exams

Before you read this blog, a disclaimer- Based on a true story.

Ah... Exams- that time of your life when teachers and the person sitting in front of you are equal to God ( or close, ya know what I'm sayin'). In a few words, it is the most miserable time of your life. And the most miserable thing about exams isn't about the cramming that you have to do, it's the pressure that you get from your parents (and from the person sitting behind you to show him/her the paper). The most ironic thing about exams that I find is those friends that say that they have studied everything and revised everything, like 5 times(not the nerdy one, the "trier"). But when the results come, they have the lowest in all your friend group. Yeah... that person. Well... let's keep that for another blog, shall we?

OK. About the parents. Two words- it's miserable. Parents are legit more terrified of exams than students. And don't get me started on the Board exams. The devil inv…
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(About)The Blog

So.... about me(or my blog). To be honest, I really don't have much to say about myself (which indeed puts suspicion over the reason why I'm writing this post). Well... since I don't really want to talk about myself, I'll talk about what this blog is about, why I created it, and what I will be sharing on this blog.

About This Blog
Well... To be honest, this blog is about... umm.. my life. Yep, about my life( actually there is nothing special about it ) living in India. It may or may not surprise you, but a teen's life in India is the worst. Believe me. You may think that I am going to talk about my miserable life, but NO. Sorry for the huge expectations I gave you. You may think that life in India sucks and blah blah blah... But actually it can open up your eyes(or whatever there is to be opened up). I am here to talk about all those nonsense and stupidity and stigma which is found in Indian culture. That is what this blog is about. 
WHY I created this blogFirst and f…

Desi parents and the gossip queen

"Honestly, I never saw the saw that I would write this article ..."
                                  -Me in 2020
So... Desi parents. Or Indian parents (for those people who are NOT familiar with internet slang). What about them, right? They are like normal parents, right? (By normal, I mean parents outside India)
Well.... No. Desi parents are NOT like other parents. There are various ways in which one can say that: by their behavior, or their passive aggressiveness, their comparison of you with various other people (like comparing your cousin who is studying in 1st grade with you, who is studying in 10th grade). Look I'm not saying that they are pathetic or anything like that, but when you think about it, they raise you just like how the society wants you to be raised. A great example would include that one auntie who lives next to your house (you know, that gossip vaala auntie) whose son/daughter is the laughing stock of the neighborhood and has already passed their 1…